Learn About Coffee Production in Panamá

On a guided coffee trip, you will visit a coffee farm to learn about plant varieties, growing methods, harvesting, processing and roasting. Trips provide a fascinating opportunity to see what really goes into a cup of Boquete coffee. This experience offers an informative look at one of Panamá’s leading industries. Over the past two decades, Panamá has become a global coffee competitor, as the climate is ideal for growing the famous geisha variety. Jason is immensely knowledgeable about the industry and even educates how the various microclimates of Western Panamá ultimately affect bean flavor.

Coffee Tree
Coffee Tree
Unripened Coffee Berries
Unripened Coffee Berries
Coffee Drying
Coffee Drying

Farms Are Like Cups: Small, Medium or Large?

Coffee fincas, or farms, come in many sizes. Jason offers educational guided trips to a small artisanal finca, a medium-sized farm of 55-hectares, as well as a grander plantation. All you have to do is decide which you’d like to visit! Or, combine two to see the similarities and differences.

Visit A Small Coffee Finca

A guided trip to this individual-owned finca details one of the smallest coffee operations in the Chiriquí Province, which has crafted an almost artisanal process. Production is innovative, carried out via unique homemade inventions adapted to coffee processing, instead of expensive store-bought machines.

Visit A Medium Coffee Farm

A guided trip this family-owned coffee farm explores one of the most famous operations in the province with brand new equipment. The grounds include gardens and a small cafe where you can receive a tasting of 4 different kinds of coffee. The tasting is customizable, with the ability to compare different varieties, processes, roasting levels and microclimate where the plant was grown.

Visit A Large Coffee Plantation

A guided trip to this 220-hectare coffee plantation shows off one of the largest in the province, detailing their production methods. A visit to this plantation is a great pairing with the small finca if you’d really like to see the vast differences in the ways your coffee is grown and processed before it ends up in your cup.


General Information

Ripe Coffee Berries
Ripe Coffee Berries

This guided trip is an easy morning or afternoon of walking through a coffee farm. The trip lasts about 2.5 hours and includes transportation from your location. Visiting a second farm adds about an hour to the tour.

Transportation to and from your location and entrance fees are included in the cost of the trip. Feel free to combine a coffee plantation visit with sightseeing or hiking.

You are encouraged to dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. A rain jacket is a good idea, as a combination of mist and rain called bajareque is Western Panamá’s most common weather event. Cameras are welcome.


The cost of a guided coffee plantation trip depends on location and number in your party. Because these trips are customized please, contact Jason for a quote or to make a reservation.

Cost includes transportation, all entrance fees and a bottle of water per person.

Jason explaining one method of drying coffee
Jason explains one method of drying coffee


  • Transportation is provided to and from your location in Boquete.
  • Groups from Caldera, David, Los Molinos are small additional cost.
  • Groups of 1-5 will ride in Jason’s Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Groups of 6-14 will ride in a small van.
  • A maximum of 14 is ideal for the comfort of passengers.

Make A Reservation

If you are already in Boquete and want to visit a Boquete coffee farm in the next 24-48 hours, it’s best to call Jason directly for availability and pricing at +507.6718.6279. If you are planning your visit to Panamá and want to discuss trip details or make a reservation for a later date, contact Jason via email.


Payment is made in cash on the day of the trip. Confirmation is available via email if desired. Unfortunately, Panamá is not yet equipped to use PayPal or provide credit card services for very small businesses, so guides work together with customers in good faith.

Please refer to Jason’s excellent 5-star rating and positive reviews on TripAdvisor for confirmation of his trustworthiness and experience.

Please provide Jason at least 72-hours notice in the event of a cancellation.