Jason Lara is Boquete’s Guide to Western Panamá

Jason Lara Head ShotI am a native of Western Panamá who was born and raised in Chiriquí Province. My family has owned farmland inBoquete for generations.

Upon graduation from Universidad Autonoma of Panama de Chiriqui (UNACHI), I was qualified to teach English as a second language for elementary students, but didn’t feel confident enough in my English abilities to head into a classroom.

One day a friend told me, “The best way to improve your English skills is to immerse yourself with the native speakers,” and recommended me for a job as a tour driver in Boquete – where I would have no choice but to talk with native English-speakers all day. I took the job and the rest is history!

Years later, I speak English and Spanish fluently, and I am mentioned among the best guides of our region. I have accumulated knowledge and experience because I’ve been in the guide business since Boquete’s beginning as a tourist destination.

First, I mastered information about Panamá’s coffee industry, as well as the history and geography of the province. Then I turned my attention to birding. I have been fortunate to receive transferred knowledge from Panamá’s leading bird guides, such as Santiago Caballero (now retired) and his son Cesar, Rafael Gutierrez, Benicio “Benny” Wilson and Euclides Campos.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. Contact Jason to Book A Guided Trip