For the birder, Lowland locations offer opportunities to spot many different species of water birds, shore birds, hawks, seed-eaters, and blackbirds. Lowland geography consists of flat, grassy farmland with winding streams leading to the ocean. Temperatures are much hotter than in the mountains around Boquete. Agriculture includes rice and sugarcane fields and pineapple farms.

Species You Might See

Great Blue Heron by Rafa Gutierrez
Great Blue Heron

Purple Gallinule, Herons, Grey-necked Woodrail and many more!

General Information

This is a half-day guided trip of the water-bearing areas of the Southern Chiriquí Province, leading all the way to the ocean. Departure time is 7 am lasting 4-5 hours. This trip typically includes 2-3 stops and ends before lunch. If you would like to pack a picnic to eat in a lovely spot, this is absolutely possible! Feel free to combine birding with sightseeing or hiking.

You are encouraged to dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. A rain jacket is also a good idea, as a combination of mist and rain called bajareque is Western Panamá’s most common weather event. Cameras, binoculars, bird guides and snacks are welcome. Jason will bring a scope.


A morning of birding depends on location and number in your party. Because birding trips are customized to meet the personal goals of the birder, such as finding a specific species or list of birds, contact Jason for a quote or to make a reservation.

Cost includes transportation, all entrance fees and a bottle of water per person.


  • Transportation is provided to and from your location in Boquete.
  • Groups from Caldera, David, Los Molinos are small additional cost.
  • Groups of 1-5 will ride in Jason’s Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Groups of 6-8 will ride in a small van.
  • A maximum of 8 is passengers is ideal for birding trips.

Make A Reservation

If you are already in Boquete and want to go birding in the next 24-48 hours, it’s best to call Jason directly for availability at 507.6718.6279.

If you are planning your trip and want to discuss details or make a reservation for a later date, contact Jason via email.


Payment is made in cash on the day of the trip. Confirmation is available via email if desired. Unfortunately, Panamá is not yet equipped to use PayPal or provide credit card services for very small businesses, so guides work together with customers in good faith.

Please refer to Jason’s excellent 5-star rating and positive reviews on TripAdvisor for confirmation of his trustworthiness and experience.

Please provide Jason at least 72-hours notice in the event of a cancellation.

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